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Learn CYBER SECURITY in a step-by-step process with the help of professionals who Guide you through the entire process.


CCSP Training

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Nowadays, diversified malware is increasing at a rapid pace to extract the sensitive information of an organization. In this era, IT companies are hardly struggling to protect their confidential information as well as security systems. Thus, this trend is driving the demand for a Certified Cloud Security Professional. Enrol with us and learn complete and advanced cybersecurity approaches and techniques to get (ISC) ² certification. The cybersecurity experts at (ISC) ² and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) organizations have efficiently designed and developed the CCSP certification program. CCSP is a globally recognized cloud security certification. The CCSP certification ensures the in-depth knowledge and abilities of a cloud security professional in the design, implementation and maintains the security platforms on cloud-enabled IT information systems.

This certification training covers the topics of the CCSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), a novel framework that comprise a set of information security terms and principles required for cloud security professionals worldwide.

Core Objectives of CCSP Certification Training:

CCSP by (ISC) ² is a globally recognized certification which signifies the maximum standard for Cloud security. Certified cloud security professional applies his/her information security proficiency to a computing environment on cloud-based IT information systems. Upon the completion of CCSP certification training in Hyderabad, the candidate will:

  • Learns entire Cloud Data Lifecycle

  • Implements the most advanced and encrypted architecture and design principles of secure cloud computing

  • Advance the Cloud computing operations and related information security concepts in an organization

  • The candidate capable to design efficient cloud data storage architectures and also applies potential security strategies, particularly for implementing storage architectures efficiently

  • Learns comprehensive knowledge of data discovery and data classification techniques

  • Create and execute data protection approaches for more confidential information

  • Potentially implement Data Retention, Archiving, and Destruction Policies

In addition, this certification training also extends the below skills:

  • Knowledge of Cloud infrastructure components

  • How to identify and determine the challenges associated with cloud components?

  • Learns Application security concepts

  • The Entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) procedure will be trained

  • The candidates can enhance their skills in Identity Access Management (IAM) tools

  • The candidates can create and execute logical and physical architectures for a cloud environment

  • Further, the candidates can also have a better understanding of legal requirements, privacy issues, and security systems audit techniques inside a Cloud environment

Growth Opportunities for a Certified Cloud Security Professional

The CCSP is among the best certification provided for cloud security professionals and it builds a strong path to the candidate even if the professionals have other authorizations such as (ISC) ²’s CISSP and Cloud Security Alliance’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK). By taking CCSP certification training, the candidates can apply their skills across multiple cloud platforms and thus, they will become an expert in implementing security techniques over cloud-based IT systems.

Who can Learn CCSP Certification Training in Hyderabad?

The CCSP certification needs for those whose daily responsibilities go around procuring, securing and management of cloud environments. This certification course is particularly designed for experienced information security or cybersecurity professionals with at least five years (including three years of information security and one year of cloud security experience) of full-time IT industry experience. Accordingly, the certification is also best suitable for professionals involved with IT architecture, web and cloud security engineering, risk and compliance management professionals, and IT Audit professionals.

The major target audience includes:

  • Security Administrator/ Architect

  • Systems Security Engineer

  • Security Consultants

  • IT Auditors

  • Systems Security Managers and etc.

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