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Learn CYBER SECURITY in a step-by-step process with the help of professionals who Guide you through the entire process.


Ethical Hacking

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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasure (CEH) is used for detecting and analyzing the vulnerabilities in targeted systems. High security is guaranteed by deploying CEH security techniques. Learning CEH Online Training will ensure strong hands-on, evaluating security measures of a system/ network. We train the candidates in such a way that they will hit the 312-50 certification exam.

Key Objectives of Ethical Hacking Online Training:

  • We primarily focus on explaining the basics of Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures.

  • Explanation of various hacking tools

  • Penetration testing needs and its detailed explanation

  • Sessions with real-time hacking scenarios

  • Knowledge of information security management systems

  • Hacking ways by using Mobile Phones

  • Our trainers focused on New Attack Vectors

  • Explaining Counter Measures

  • Significant phases of Ethical Hacking

  • Knowledge of security systems

  • Target on explaining physical security controls

  • Providing knowledge of risk management systems

  • Explanation of Footprinting concepts and footprinting through Search Engines

  • Providing knowledge of Scanning tools and techniques and various network security concepts

Benefits of Learning Ethical Hacking in Online Mode:

  • CEH Online training allows a candidate to go for training as per his/her flexibility

  • Online training is web-based thus the candidate can log in from either home, office or from anywhere

  • The session will be started as per time preferred by the candidate

  • Our online trainers are professionals with real-life experience that will cement your career path

  • LMS access will give the opportunity to go back and review sessions and the candidates can track their training journey

  • Online Course Fee is less compared to the classroom/offline sessions

What are the Pre-requisites for Learning our Ethical Hacking Online Training:

  • Basics of an Information security background

  • Basics of TCP/IP network protocols

Who can Learn Our Ethical Hacking Online Course?

  • Security Analyst

  • System Administrators

  • Infrastructure and Network Security Individuals

  • Auditors/anyone

CEH Exam v10 Details:

  • Exam Code: 312-50

  • Number of questions: 125

  • Test Duration of Certified hacker exam: 4 Hours

  • Passing score: 70%

  • The test is offered in Languages: English.

  • Types of questions in CEH v10: multiple Choice types

  • Test Delivery: Pro-metric Prime/ ECCEXAM / VUE

Ethical Hacking Online Training Structure:

  • Candidates have to enroll in our CEH online training

  • Live interactive sessions led by the highly qualified & experienced instructors

  • LMS and Lab accessibility will be given

  • Ethical Hacking Online Training Certification

How far Our CEH Online Training Certification Benefits the Candidate:

Cyber Eagle Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. Provides a verified EC council CEH Online Training Certification at the end of the course. Course Certification depicts the candidate’s ability in CEH concepts. We provide complete assistance from Cyber Eagle Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. in finishing real-life projects with the help of our experienced instructors.

Intensified Career Opportunities are Waiting for Learners:

A Certified CEH candidate is eligible for ruling various designations like Security Analyst, Information Security Analyst, and security consultant.

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