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Internet of Things Training

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What is the Internet of Things (IoT):

IoT systems connect physical machines, computing devices, and other objects by giving unique identification. Secure data transformation over the internet without the interaction of human beings will be carried out using IoT sensors. In the recent past, IoT is gaining momentum with the increasing integration of computers and networks primarily for monitoring and controlling devices.

Cyber Eagle Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. IoT Training Format:

  1. Candidates should register for our IoT Training

  2. Our IoT training professional provides live interactive sessions

  3. Accessibility to LMS by giving a unique user ID and password

  4. We will provide study materials (soft copies) which comprise various concepts of IoT

  5. Backup to missed classes will also be offered on request, however, LMS will automatically record all sessions

  6. After completion of training, Cyber Eagle Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. provides a verified IoT Training Certification

Benefits of IoT Training:

  1. IoT training allows a candidate to go for training as per his/her flexibility

  2. The session will be started as per time preferred by the candidate

  3. Our trainers are professionals with real-life experience that will cement your career path

  4. LMS and lab accessibility will give the opportunity to go back and review sessions and the candidates can track their training journey

Key Objectives of our IoT Training:

  1. Providing basics of IoT architecture

  2. Explains concepts of IoT components, and functionalities

  3. How to establish a connection amid physical devices over the internet using IoT systems

  4. Providing knowledge of transmission protocols for developing IoT physical devices

  5. Explaining the challenges and respective resolving solutions

  6. Data monitoring procedures using various tracking systems such as GSM, GPRS, and GPS

  7. Applications and monitoring operations of physical devices over the internet

The Significance of Our Internet of Things Certification: Cyber Eagle Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. certifies the students/professionals with verified documentary proof called Cyber Eagle Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. Internet of Things Certification Certification depicts the candidate’s ability to effective implementation IoT functions and concepts. Our IoT certification consists of details of the course name, duration, and grade obtained in practical works. For candidates, entire assistance will be given to accomplish the project works at their own pace. Will IoT Give Career Opportunities for Learners? Yes, a growing network of physical objects is directly driving the demand for IoT Professionals. IoT-certified candidates always have great career opportunities in expanding the cloud environment. Multiple companies are dependent on this platform and are recruiting candidates with IoT specialization. Moreover, the trend towards smart cities applications deployments and demand for IoT professionals is further increasing in the market. Thus, the candidate with strong skills and certification will achieve a strong professional career. Lab Accessibility: Cyber Eagle Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. Is the biggest Python Training Portal worldwide. We give LMS and Lab accessibility to the candidates by providing log-in details. Our lab infrastructure is equipped with IBM X-Series servers, Power-6, NetApp Unified Storage Systems, Brocade FC, Cisco L4 and Cisco FC Switches, and EMC Clarion. The servers are in integration with SAN and monitored using Nagios Monitoring Systems (NMSs) with the OTRS ticketing systems.


  1. Basics of network protocols like TCP/IP and HTTP

  2. The candidate is suggested to know “What are physical devices?”

Who Can Learn Our IoT Training?

  1. Application managers

  2. Tech support individuals

  3. Technical Manager

  4. For Beginners or anyone who have an interest in learning the IoT architecture

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