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LINUX Admin Training

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What is LINUX Admin?

Linux is an open-source operating system. Learning various concepts of LINUX Admin ensures a strong career path for learners. In addition, the candidates with Linux Admin skills will easily learn other advanced technologies like VMware and DevOps etc. We guarantee that our experienced trainers will provide you with the best LINUX Admin Concepts and Commands for the enrolled candidates.

Benefits of Learning Linux Admin Training:

  1. Linux Training allows a candidate to go for training as per his/her flexibility

  2. Web-based training enables a candidate to log in from either home, office or from anywhere

  3. The session will be started at per time preferred by the candidate

  4. Our trainers are professionals with real-life experience that will cement your career path

  5. LMS access will give the opportunity to go back and review sessions and the candidates can track their training journey

  6. Candidates with Linux Admin concepts can easily learn advanced automation techniques such as DevOps, VMware and etc.

  7. Online Course Fee is less compared to classroom/offline sessions

The Key Objectives of Our Linux Admin Training:

  1. Our LINUX Admin Training led by experienced professionals ensure a strong career pathway for the enrolled candidates. Our major objectives of the training are

  1. Providing the basic concepts of UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems

  2. Installation and configuration processes of Linux OS

  3. Training on using and implementing various Linux commands

  4. Providing knowledge of Regular Expressions, Pipelines & I/O Re-directions

  5. Troubleshooting and risk-resolving operations

  6. Providing knowledge of system basics, including Directories & File Permissions

  7. Let you the operational efficiency of transmission protocols

  8. Configuring and mounting Network File System (NFS)

  9. Knowledge of various servers DHCP Server, Proxy Server VNC Server, DNS server and etc.

  10. Teaches Printer Backup and recovery concepts

How You’ll Benefit from Our Linux Admin Certification: We provide a verified Linux Admin certification to every candidate after the completion of training. Cyber Eagle Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. Certified candidate will be like a Linux Admin professional with intensified knowledge on the subject. Practical work with the assistance of our trainers will be guaranteed. Our Linux Admin Certification depicts the candidate's name, course duration and completion dates with an obtained grade. Cyber Eagle Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. Certification assists a candidate in getting a job in the desired field easily. How Our Linux Admin Training Will Give Number of Career Opportunities: Linux Admin Training by Hands-on experienced professionals will give you numerous career opportunities to the candidates. The candidates who have a grip on Linux Admin Skills and certification surely ensure a strong career path to them. A number of MNCs are adopting a LINUX environment for enhancing their operational efficiency. Thus, this trend towards Linux deployments is leaving infinite job openings for LINUX professionals/Freshers. Who can Learn our Linux Admin Training?

  1. Already working Linux Administrators

  2. Tech Support Administrators

  3. IT professional, who wishes to alter OS from traditional to Linux

  4. Freshers who have an interest on learning Linux Operating System

Linux Admin Training Pre-requisites:

No prior technical knowledge is required, but having knowledge of various UNIX and LINUX commands is suggested before learning our Linux Admin Course.

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